17 year old American socialist, admirer of stalin, sufferer of depression, and fan of soccer/football


someone cited trans women getting murdered as evidence to how transphobia is real and dangerous while cisphobia is not, and some dudebro responded sarcastically to that by saying “trans women getting murdered like what does that even mean lol” 

but I’m (almost) at peace with this.

by “the death of me” I don’t really mean suicide, I mean physical deterioration which amounts basically to chronic illness and eventually death.


look, we often chalk death up to natural causes

as a way to feebly satiate this need to know what transpired

while erecting a stone wall between ourselves and the true culprit.

what is natural about a chronic illness which fells a bright, energetic man

like humanity themselves contemptuously does away with the mighty rainforest?

while his life may have ceased below in that dirt sarcophagus,

the dissonance that once was his reality is a hurricane which rages on, silently, helplessly.

everyone will tell themselves that he was lucky that natural causes closed his eyes for the last time,

but no nature ever touched him.

until then though, I’ll try to stay alive I think.

this depression will literally be the death of me in the next couple months.


Reflejos y Regalos de East Los: The Faces of East Los Angeles

East LA’s Self Help Graphics teamed up with photographer Rafael Cardenas for a very special project: A picture day for the residents of Boyle Heights, home to one of the largest Mexican communities in the United States.

"Reflejos y Regalos de East Los captures the Boyle Heights/East Los Angeles community through impromptu portraits of current community members and the creation of specific public installations at each of the locations," states SHG’s website.

The photo shoot took place at three Boyle Heights locations: Mariachi Plaza, the Lou Costello Recreation Center, and Hollenbeck Park.

See more portraits at Self Help Graphics

Read more about Reflejos y Regalos at the Los Angeles Times


If you’re a Christian, have a happy Easter, and remember that most Christians from the holy land are excluded today and every other day from worshipping at the place of the resurrection because Jerusalem is illegally occupied by the sectarian state of Israel.