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I see that when you were indiscriminately reblogging protest porn you accidentally posted something that was quoting George Orwell

…don’t let it happen again




If all my commie followers would please describe how they got into communism that would be great.

I’ll start. Family influence primarily. That was my primary source of history surrounding communism and famous commies from a young age….

my obama loving sophomore self was forced to read part of the communist manifesto as a primary source. I was a changed man after that

Anonymous asked
would you support grassroots dialogue and deconstruction of (emotional and physical) barriers with the ultimate goal of composing one-state with coexistence as a single society without ethnic separation, even though it requires some degree of normalization with the current oppressive regime and the people living in it?


A lot of people are really obsessed with the idea of dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis. I myself have even taken part in these so called “dialogues” and “peace camps”, once upon a time when I was a naïve teenager who didn’t know any better.

I’m sure this is not what a lot of people want to hear, but dialogue does nothing in this case. The problem never was a lack of dialogue. Because, boy, have we been talking.

The issue with framing the “problems” between Palestinians and Israelis as resulting from a lack of dialogue reduces the whole Palestinian tragedy to a case of miscommunication, rather than one of colonialism and ethnic cleansing by European settlers.

This is why you should be skeptical about people who incessantly insist on opening a “dialogue” with you regarding Palestine. It’s a privileged detached position that does nothing to address the root cause of it all.

Your intentions may be good, but they are ultimately misguided. Dialogue under the current status quo is useless. What do the occupiers and their occupied victims have to talk about? How can you even pretend to talk like equals when one side has a boot on the others throat? Do you think that any amount of dialogue will remove the settlements and occupation?

Also, in your ask there is an implicit equalization between the emotional and physical damage taken by both sides, which any person would tell you is absurd.

What you’re talking about is more akin to a healing process, a reconciliation, that will only be possible once both parties have a somewhat equal standing. This will only be possible after the implosion of the Israeli regime and the dismantling of its Apartheid policies.

Dialogue will not lead to the creation of a one-state with coexistence as a single society without ethnic separation, because…

“Lamentably, it is an historical fact that privileged groups seldom give up their privileges voluntarily.”

Martin Luther King - Letter from Birmingham Jail

i despise 99% of communists from (western) europe so if you’re one of the 1%, I really adore you.

someone shoot me with a nail gun and put me out of my misery


can someone tell stoners that rastafarianism is an afrocentric religion and not, like, smoking weed and listening to bob marley